Our Latest Patient Testimonial

When Dr. Lensch suggested Inviisilign I was excited but a bit apprehensive about the process. I had conventional braces as a child and wasn't too excited about going through that type of treatment again. But after the consultation and seeing what the results would be on computer animation...I decided to go for it! I must admit there were times of frustration that the process wasn't moving as quickly as I was hoping, but Dr. Lensch and his staff kept encouraging me and saying that the end result would be worth it...and THEY WERE RIGHT! I've finished the treatment phase and now am wearing the invisible retainers...I'm thrilled with the result and look forward to the time when the retainers are worn only at night. I might add that during the treatment phase no one could even tell that I was wearing the "braces"! I would say if you are thinking about this treatment...schedule a consultation with Dr. Lensch to determine what can be done for you!

- Jo L.

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