Our Latest Patient Testimonial

Absolutely the best dental visit I've ever had. The entire staff was very friendly and Dr. Gelfond was very informative and honest with me. I recently moved to the Ankeny area and I feel lucky to have chosen this practice at random. I've had numerous fillings over the years and my previous dentist would ALWAYS perform a root canal, even when I had only experienced tooth sensitivity just briefly before I made my appointment. I had always suspected that a root canal is not necessary for every filling when you act quickly, and Dr. Gelfond has proven that to be true. He could have charged me for this unnecessary procedure, as my old dentist most certainly would have, but Dr. Gelfond did not. It only needed a simple filling, so I that's what he did. And I also needed to get a crown for a front tooth that I injured years ago and had gotten pretty dark. I put this off for many years because my old dentist insisted that I replace BOTH of my front teeth, even though the tooth beside it is just fine. However Dr. Gelfond was again honest with me and said that there was no reason to spend the extra money to crown both teeth when the other was perfectly fine and they would have no trouble at all matching color to make it look natural. The filling and the crown preparation went very smoothly and I have never felt more relaxed for a dental visit. I walked in very nervous about working with a new dentist, but I walked out feeling relieved and confident that I was in good hands. Now I'm anxiously awaiting my return to have the crown work finalized. And I have no doubt that the next visit will go as well as the first. Absolutely an A+ experience from top to bottom.

- Ronald C

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